Not Just Carver?

We have seen the pattern at Carver: Astounding pass rates followed by appalling pass rates.

At Carver, the plunge came after some of the staff there got caught cheating. There has not been an investigation at Fairfield Court (at least not that we know of) but the similar pattern there suggests there should be one.

image image

Notes: “ED” indicates economically disadvantaged; “Not ED” denotes the more affluent peers. Both schools have very large percentages of ED students with, accordingly, low percentages of Not ED; the missing blue bars in the graphs are cases where the VDOE suppression rules blocked posting of the Not ED data. The red lines are the nominal accreditation benchmarks.

The other subjects tell much the same story.

image image

image  image

image image

It looks like there need to be some firings at Fairfield Court beyond the replacement of the principal this spring. In any case, there is something terribly wrong there and the students, parents, and taxpayers are entitled to know what it is. Even more to the point, these data raise the question what RPS will be doing to help the middle school students whose “education” at Fairfield Court left them unprepared for what came next.