Good News at Westover Hills?

Our neighborhood elementary school, Westover Hills, enjoys a fair level of community support. The principal there was popular but she was replaced just a year ago, probably in light of the SOL results.

In just one year, the new principal looks to have had a dramatic effect.

Note: Statewide, economically disadvantaged (“ED”) students pass the SOL tests at a rate about 20% lower than their more affluent peers (“Not ED”). At a school such as Westover Hills the very large population of ED students quite naturally leads to lower average SOL pass rates. To look beneath that, the graphs below show the rates for both ED and Not ED students.

The reading tests showed a nice bounce this year.


Although even the 2019 Not ED pass rate is below the nominal 75% threshold for accreditation (and the ED rate, naturally, is still lower), the increases are a hopeful sign.

Note: Here and below, there is no ED datum for 2014. I can only graph what the database gives me. As well, the missing Not ED data below probably reflect the suppression rule that requires VDOE to withhold the data when a group is fewer than ten (or sometimes twenty) students.

The History & Social Science data are not so encouraging.


Notice the anomaly: In ‘17 & ‘18, the ED students outscored the Not ED.

The math and science numbers show promise.



Also see the data here.

Here’s hoping these improvements are real and are harbingers of gains to come.