“No Tax Increase” Increases

Following last year’s increase on the meals tax (ca. $9.1 million per year), our Mayor asked Council for a nine cent increase in the property tax and a fifty cents per pack cigarette tax (ca. $24 million per year).  Having lost on the real estate increase this year, Mayor Stoney “did not rule out the ideal of proposing a real estate tax increase” next year.

All that sounds like the danger is at least on hold until next year.

But wait!  Councilman Agelasto’s July newsletter paints on a larger canvas:

  • Property assessments will rise about 8% this year;
  • Gas rates will increase 3.5%;
  • The typical water bill will increase by $1.41;
  • The typical wastewater bill will increase by $2.39; and
  • The typical stormwater utility rate will increase by 4%.

The BLS tells us the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers rose 1.8%, May ‘18 to May ‘19.

Try to not think about that as you dodge the potholes.  And as you hear about RPS’s demand for more money while it already is wasting some fifty million dollars a year.