Pop Quiz

It’s Spring!  The data VDOE has had since October have made it into the Superintendent’s Annual Report.  In particular, we now have the salary data.

Please review the following excerpts from that report in preparation for the quiz:



Did you study carefully? If not, that’s OK. The quiz is open book.



  1. If you were fresh out of college with a teaching license and were thinking about living in the Richmond area, would you prefer an elementary school job with RPS or one of the Counties?
  2. If you had taught elementary grades in Richmond for a couple of years and had demonstrated that you were a capable teacher, would you be tempted to jump ship for one of the Counties?
  3. Will this salary structure, in combination with the tough clientele and awful politics in Richmond, do a reverse cull of the the better teachers, tending to leave Richmond with the less effective ones?


Time’s up.  Turn in your papers.

Congratulations!  You’ve aced it!

Now, for your homework: Prepare for tomorrow’s quiz by learning to count to ten.

OOPS!  I flunked a bigger test:  A kind reader pointed out that I mixed up the labels on both graphs.  Now fixed.