The Good, the Excellent, and the Awful

Having looked at Richmond’s peer jurisdictions, let’s turn to our neighbors.

Here, to start, are the reading pass rates by year for the state, some neighboring Counties, and poor Petersburg.


It’s instructive to look at the 2012-13 drops that followed the introduction of the new, tougher reading tests.

  • State            -14.2
  • Hanover       -9.6
  • Richmond    -29.1

As of this year, Richmond abided at 20.2 points below the state average.

In terms of raw counts, Richmond this year had 1.75% of the Virginia students taking the reading tests and 3.43% of the students who failed those tests.

image image

The math data paint a similar picture.


Likewise, the 2011-2012 score drops with the new math tests:

  • State             -18.0
  • Hanover        -13.6
  • Richmond     -28.4

On the 2018 math data, Richmond was 25.1 points below the state average.  It had 1.72% of the students taking the math tests and 3.63% of the students failing those tests.

image  image

The data for the other three subjects tell much the same story.




As you see, the adjacent Counties and Hanover continue to provide safe harbors for the Richmond parents who move there when their children approach school age.

I’ll devote a later post to Petersburg and the colossal incompetence of the Board of “Education” that has had Petersburg operating under its supervision since at least 2004.

For now, I’ll just point out that the state’s intervention in Richmond this year has paid no dividends for the children who suffer under the Richmond system’s incompetence.