Secrecy In School Contracting

The RT-D reports some dissatisfaction that the proposals for three new school buildings are not public.

Gnash your teeth all you like, fellow citizens: Your Generous Assembly has decreed that these documents NOT be made public:

D. Any competitive negotiation offeror, upon request, shall be afforded the opportunity to inspect proposal records within a reasonable time after the evaluation and negotiations of proposals are completed but prior to award, except in the event that the public body decides not to accept any of the proposals and to reopen the contract. Otherwise, proposal records shall be open to public inspection only after award of the contract. (emphasis supplied)

Even so, public dissatisfaction over the secrecy is well founded: Our School Board has an extended history of incompetence and, probably, corruption in contracting.  For example:

Perhaps it is good news that at least two of the six members of the “Joint Construction Team” are from the City.  Then, again, it was the City, not the School Board, that built the gym floor at Huguenot.