What Do They Learn When They’re Absent?

The estimable Carol Wolf points out that the feds’ 2016 Civil Rights Data Collection has been available since April.  Duh!

Some of the data from the earlier (2014) collection are here and here.

The main data file for 2016 is a 33 MB zip; it unzips to a 461 MB csv.  The xlsx version I’m working with is 637 MB.  Until today, I thought I had a large, fast computer.

The feds report total absences (pdf at 6), whether excused or not, of 15 or more school days.  Here is the distribution of those for the Virginia public school divisions:


Here is the key to the color bars:


The range on the graph is from 0% (Danville) to 28.9% (Dickenson Co.).

Maggie Walker is not a division so it’s not in the graph; it’s in the table because the number is interesting, esp. in reference to Richmond, which is almost twice the state average.

For reference, Richmond’s 2017 unexcused absence data are here.

Stay tuned for the data by school.