Final Accreditation Update

At its October meeting, the Board of Education resolved 58 TBD cases by allowing the schools in question to be “Partially Accredited-Reconstituted.” 

Here is the resulting situation as to Richmond, Petersburg, and the state totals:


The categories there are my shorthand.  The long versions are here and here.  “Cheated” is my shorthand for “Accreditation Withheld-Board Decision.”  That decision followed the cheating scandal at AP Hill Elementary in Petersburg.

As of today, the table on the VDOE Web page has not been updated.  The data above are from the spreadsheet that apparently has been updated.

To focus just on Richmond:


The Good News is that the number of accredited schools is set to rise dramatically.  The Bad News is that the “improvement” need not reflect performance improvements, just a gross dilution of the standards.  Your tax dollars at “work.”