2017 Accreditation Data

The 2017 accreditation data are up on the VDOE Web site.

(Just to keep us confused, they call these the accreditation ratings for the 2018 school year.  But, to be clear, the ratings are based, at least in theory, on the 2017 SOL pass rates.)

I have extracted the Richmond data and posted them here.

The change in Richmond is that Stuart, where the scores improved remarkably this year, now is fully accredited.

Here are the overall totals.  I have bowdlerized the wordy, softened classifications of failure.  For example, “Partially Accredited: Approaching Benchmark-Pass Rate”  is “Close” in my table.  See the VDOE Accreditation page for the long versions.


In sum:


Or, expressed as percentages of the numbers of schools:




That TBD in Richmond is AP Hill.  The VDOE spreadsheet reports a 72 at Hill in English, three points short of the criterion.  Stay tuned to see whether the secret “adjustments” can turn that into a 75 and give us at least one accredited middle school (not counting Franklin Military, which is fully accredited as to both its middle and high school grades).

Indeed, the reading pass rate at Hill this year was 70.7%, down 0.3% from 2016; writing was 68.3%, up by 6%.  It looks like those scores already have enjoyed some “adjustments” to get up to the reported 72.