Chumming the Neighborhood for Criminals

An observant neighbor called the police Labor Day afternoon because of the fellow opening cars in the 42d St. parking lot.


The cops arrived quickly, chased the fellow, and caught him.  Unfortunately (or, in a way, fortunately), nothing seemed to be missing from either of the cars he was seen to enter.

Stay tuned for news about that.

In the meantime, please recall that “Theft from Motor Vehicle” is the most commonly reported offense in our neighborhood and the one that is entirely preventable

As an update to the earlier report, here are the high-crime blocks in Forest Hill for this year, up to Labor Day:


Or, as percentages of those totals:


As you see, the problem runs to the overflow parking on Hillcrest and, of course, to the 41st St. lot and nearby streets.

Much of the trouble is that park visitors leave stuff in their cars and leave the cars unlocked.  Sometimes they leave stuff in view and lock the car.


In either case, they are chumming our neighborhood for criminals.

Please join me in asking the Park folks and the City why there are no LARGE signs at the park entrances and in the parking areas to warn people of this problem. 

I’m told told there is a camera in the 21st. St. lot that has had a good effect.  What would you think about one in 42d St. lot and another at 41st St. and another along the 4200 block of Riverside Dr.?