Change. And Not.

When looking at the pass rate changes from last year, it might be helpful to glance back at the starting point: The schools that did very well in ‘16 (e.g., Community) didn’t have much room to improve.  So, if a school enjoyed a large increase or suffered a large decline, that’s news; if it stayed nearly the same, we should look at where it started before we draw any conclusions.

With that caveat, here are the changes in Richmond’s elementary schools.


It’s really good to see the progress at Patrick Henry.  The decline at Westover Hills, my neighborhood school, is another matter.  And what happened at Carver?

Next the middle schools.  Please remember that Franklin is not directly comparable to the other schools.  It has a select population and its scores include those from the high school, as well as the middle school, grades.


And the high schools.  Please remember that Open and Community have selected student populations.  And, as above, Franklin has both middle school and high school grades.