High School Lows

Turning to the high school results from the 2017 SOL data, let’s start with reading.


Franklin has both high- and middle school grades so its numbers are not directly comparable.  Moreover, Franklin, Community, and Open have select student populations, so the important results here are those of the mainstream high schools, Armstrong, Wythe, Huguenot, Marshall, and TJ.

Of that Five, only Wythe (barely) made the 75% benchmark for accreditation in English.  Huguenot’s pass rate fell 19% this year; Armstrong’s, 15%.

Next, writing:


Of the Five, only TJ beat the writing benchmark.  Huguenot dropped by 17%; Armstrong, by 14%.

History & Social Sciences:


The History & SS benchmark is 70%.  Marshall and Huguenot met that requirement.

Marshall improved by 13% this year.  Armstrong’s pass rate rose 7%, but only to 48%.



Even Community had problems with the math tests, and that was a nine point improvement from 2016.  None of the Five made the 70% benchmark.  Armstrong dropped by 14% (to 34%!); Wythe fell by 11%; Marshall, by 9%.



None of the Five made the 70% science benchmark.  Armstrong fell 21% to a 39% pass rate; Marshall dropped by 18%; Huguenot, by 10%.

Five Subject Average:


The average of the five pass rates shows 11% declines at Armstrong and Huguenot, a 5% drop at TJ, and a 2% decrease at Wythe.  Marshall rose by 1%. 

The 39% average at Armstrong is a disaster.  Wythe, Huguenot, Marshall, and TJ all did much better than Armstrong, but surely not well enough.

After the middle school numbers, especially MLK, even Armstrong looks pretty good.  But that happy aura dissipates once we notice that the high school pass rates are boosted by Richmond’s dropout rate (Richmond’s cohort rate was 9.9% last year, vs. 5.3% for the state average).