How ‘Bout Those Elementary Schools

While I have the data (and while trying to not remember that 2017 results will be out in a week or so), here is the performance of the Richmond Elementary schools on the reading tests, by year.


The numbers here are averages of the pass rates of the three tested grades (3, 4, & 5).  Schools are sorted by 2016 pass rates.

The Big Dip in 2013 coincides with the new, tougher reading tests.  As you see, some schools were barely touched by the new tests; some were clobbered and have recovered; some were clobbered and remain that way.

The threshold for accreditation is 75%; only seven schools (of twenty-six) made that cutoff in 2016.  Six schools were below 50% with Woodville firmly in last place at 33%.

Next, math:


The schools again are sorted by the 2016 numbers so most of the color codes are changed from the reading graph.  (Sigh!)

The new math tests came in 2012.  Note the 2d round reaction in ‘13 at some schools.

The accreditation threshold here is 70.  Thirteen schools made that cut in ‘16; thirteen did not.  Four were below 50%.  Swansboro beat out Woodville for last place, 33% and 39%, respectively.

Stay tuned for the 2017 numbers that should give the final measure of Superintendent Bedden’s success or failure.  (The ‘17 data will tell us nothing about the Board of “Education” that has been busy adopting a “Memorandum of Understanding” instead of doing something useful to fix Richmond’s awful schools.  But, then, even they have noticed that they don’t know how to fix urban schools so perhaps that Mt. Everest of sterile MOU paperwork will keep them from more harmful meddling.)