RRHA: Crime Central

The murder of a State Trooper by a trespasser who was living in Mosby Court, an RRHA property, serves to remind us that RRHA has a crime problem

One measure of that is the count of vice incidents in the Police Department database.  For calendar 2016, that count included 9 drug equipment violations and 335 drug/narcotic violations in the six large, RRHA housing developments. 

***** Oops! *****

Looks like my numbers are wrong here.  I just looked at the “Mosby” drug reports for the first part of 2017:  8 of 28 were at RRHA, the rest nearby.  It looks like RPD is reporting neighborhoods, not just the RRHA developments (except for Hillside, which they report as “Hillside Court”).  So the numbers below, except Hillside, are for the neighborhoods, not the RRHA developments.


To put that in context, RRHA says it “serves nearly 10,000 residents.”  The 2016 Richmond population was about 223,170.  So the total RRHA population is about 4.5% of the Richmond count.

The drug equipment violations in the six large RRHA developments in 2016 were 10% of the city total; the drug/narcotic violations there were 21%.  And that does not count the drug offenses in the other ten low-income developments, the nine elderly & disabled developments, or the other special RRHA housing units.

Here are the data:


Yet, despite these awful numbers, not to mention the dead trooper, RRHA does not propose to do anything effective to reduce the crime on its property.  And your City is not doing anything to abate that assault on the City and, particularly, on the decent tenants at RRHA.

Your tax dollars at “work.”