Who Gets the $

Table 14 in the Superintendent’s Annual Report provides division totals regarding the distribution in 2016 of $6.29 billion in state funds.  Table 1 lists the end of year enrollment (aka Average Daily Membership, “ADM”) for each division. 

VDOE dispenses the funds on a per ADM basis but I have so far not found the formula for calculating that number.  The statutory categories are here

In any case, we have the totals.

Here is a short list of divisions showing the total funds and funds per student for each.


Note: The average there is by division; the average by student (total funds/total ADM) is $5,065.  This tells already that the (much more numerous) smaller divisions are getting more money per kid on average.  See below.

Next, the distribution of funding per student, in $100 increments. 


The inserted colors represent the locations of the divisions listed above; Richmond is gold; Lynchburg, violet; Charles City, green.  The red, from the left, are Richmond’s peer jurisdictions, Hampton, Norfolk and Newport News.

Turning to the funds per student as a function of ADM, we get the following:


Same color codes as above.  The peers, from the left, are Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk.

The fitted line has a slope of -$159 per 10,000 increase in ADM.  The R-squared of 6.9% tells us that funding correlates with ADM to a degree but some other factors predominate.

Expanding the x-axis of that graph, we get:


That cluster of small divisions above the line tells suggests that smallness indeed helps to get more money; the smaller cluster below confirms that size is far from the only influence on the funding.

The two Big Winners here are Charlotte County, $9,036 per student, and Brunswick County, $8,500.  The Big Losers are Falls Church, $2,500, and Arlington, $2,600.

Here is the complete list.