The Moving Finger Moves Again

The Accreditation numbers look to have settled down.

Back in September, the Richmond situation looked like this:


By early October, the picture had changed.


Now we have what looks to be the final version.


Richmond’s large TBD population in September has mostly moved into the “denied” category. 

Just under a third of the Richmond schools are fully accredited.  That leaves two-thirds unaccredited: 39% flatly denied accreditation with the remaining 29% near accreditation or in various stages of avoidance (“reconstituted” schools, i.e., accreditation denied but persuaded VBOE that they are trying hard).


Preview of coming attraction:

Last week, a Freedom of Information Act request to Richmond disclosed that our division has requested a division-level academic review

The statute has this to say:

When the Board of Education determines through the school academic review process that the failure of schools within a division to achieve full accreditation status is related to division-level failure to implement the Standards of Quality or other division-level action or inaction, the Board may require a division-level academic review.

Request or no, the Board will have to make a determination here.  The November 17 meeting should tell us whether the Board thinks our problem is division-level “action” or “inaction.” 

As well, we now may get to see whether the division-level review – by a Board that admits it does not know how to fix broken schools – might do anything to help our (very) large collection of awful schools.