Carver But Not Walker

The Feds have just named seven Virginia schools as National Blue Ribbon Schools.  They choose the schools based on performance on standardized tests or for “closing achievement gaps.”

This year’s list included Carver, selected as [search for Carver] an Exemplary High Performing School.  Indeed, Carver was the best performing elementary school in Richmond this year and the sixteenth best school in the state.

The list did not include Maggie Walker.  Indeed, the list never [search for Walker in all years] has included Maggie Walker.  Yet Walker was rated tenth best public high school in the nation in 2014 by the Daily Beast.

But, you see, Maggie Walker is a “program,” not a “school.”  So the scores go to high schools in the students’ home districts, albeit those students do not attend those high schools.

Never mind that it has a school board and is accredited as a “school” and has a four-year program and grants diplomas to the 100% of its students who graduate.

Do you suppose the feds know that VDOE is lying to them about the SOL scores of our local high schools?  Do you care that VDOE brokered this corrupt deal so the local Superintendents would let their bright kids go to MLW without lowering the SOLs of the local high schools?  Do you wonder that VDOE manipulates other data (see this and this for some introductory examples; as soon as Bacon’s Rebellion gets its server back up, I’ll add some other links here)?

Your tax dollars at “work.”