Accreditation: Not a Credit to Success in Richmond

The 2017 Accreditation results are out this morning, based on the 2016 SOL test results.

Here is a summary by numbers and percentages of schools:



The definitions for the various status descriptions are here

The multiple “Partially Accredited” descriptions fuzz up the raw reality: Any school that is not “Fully Accredited” is not accredited.

The footnote to “Improving School-Pass Rate” applies to the three schools (including Stuart in Richmond) that achieved the status under new rules adopted in July.

The last column in the table reports the number of Richmond schools as a percentage of the number of state schools with the same rating.  Thus, we see that Richmond, with 2.4% of the schools in Virginia, has 24% of the schools denied accreditation and 62% of the Partially Accredited schools.

Here are the fully accredited percentages by year.


Here are the Richmond results by school.


The TBD rating is merely a temporary stay of bad news.  VDOE says:

The status of 145 schools at risk of being denied accreditation — including 92 schools that were warned in 2015-2016 — will be determined by the Board of Education later this year. Under Virginia’s accountability regulations, a school that has not earned full accreditation for three consecutive years — and fails to meet state standards for a fourth consecutive year — can apply for a rating of Partially Accredited: Reconstituted School if the local school board agrees to reconstitute the school’s leadership, staff, governance or student population. A reconstituted school can retain this rating for up to three years if it is making acceptable progress.

Which is to say that Richmond’s sixteen (!) TBDs will not be accredited; they either will suffer denial or some lesser state of not being accredited, or they will be “reconstituted.” 

Here are Richmond’s TBD schools, with their subjects (or GCI) meeting accreditation requirements marked in green:


In any event, again, less than a third (30%) or our schools are, or will be, fully accredited.  That leaves over two thirds not accredited.

Please recall that the accreditation scores are “adjusted,” almost always to increase the score.  Stay tuned for an analysis of the magnitude of this year’s adjustments.