Maggie What?

The Times-Dispatch reports this morning that US News & World Report ranks Community and Open 9th and 10th in Virginia based on college readiness.

First place in the state is Fairfax County’s TJ (actually located in Alexandria!), a Governor’s School

Absent from the list is Maggie Walker, also a Governor’s School.

“What?” you say!  Maggie Walker is a public high school for high-ability students, issues diplomas to its graduates, is governed by a school board comprised of representatives from twelve local school systems, and is accredited as a “school.” 

But VDOE says it’s a “program,” not a “school.”  (While Governor’s School TJ in Alexandria is a “school.”)

AND, since MLW is not a school, the SOL scores of its students are reported to the high schools in their home districts [note: old document; today Pearson surely reports the scores directly], albeit they do not attend those schools.

Do you suppose the feds know that VDOE is lying to them about the SOL scores of our local high schools?  Do you care that VDOE brokered this corrupt deal so the local Superintendents would let their bright kids go to MLW without lowering the SOLs of the local high schools?

BTW: The Daily Beast has better information: In ‘14 they ranked MLW #12 public school in the nation.