How’s My School Doing?

I have posted to OneDrive a spreadsheet of SOL pass rates by year for the Richmond schools.  You can access it at this link.

To get data on a particular school, go to the drop down list at H16 and click the little funnel. 

imageClear the school currently selected (easy way is to clear the “(Select All)” button) and select the school you want to view.  The table and graph will change to display the data.  If you want the Richmond average, click “Select All.”

Warning: If you don’t clear the previous selection, you’ll get the average of both (or all) schools selected.  You can tell that has happened by the drop down list, which will show “(Multiple Items)” rather than the name of a particular school.


Note: The accreditation level for English is 75%; for all the others, 70%.  Those are nominal; in fact, VDOE applies adjustments through an opaque process that tends to raise the actual pass rates.

Here, as an example, is the graph for Carver:


And here, for contrast, is MLK: