Teacher Truancy

If you thought Richmond’s truancy rate (22% absent 15 days or more, excused or not, in 2014) was bad, wait ‘till you see the teachers’ truancy rate.

The Feds’ 2014 “Civil Rights Data Collection” includes data on the numbers of teachers absent from work more than ten days, other than for professional development.  Here are the division data, sorted by increasing rates:


Richmond is the yellow bar at 56% (!), ninth from the worst.  The red bars are, from the left, Hampton, Norfolk, and Newport News.

The mean here is 33% with a standard deviation of 15%.  That puts Richmond one and a half standard deviations above the mean.

It must be tough to run a school system when your teachers are not at work.

Here are the school division data:

image image

The two Governor’s Schools in the report provide a nice contrast:


Caveat: The 2014 Superintendent’s Annual Report tells us that Richmond had 1,295.5 elementary teaching positions and 740.5 secondary, for a total of 2,036.  The Feds report 1,718 teachers.  The State numbers include guidance counselors, librarians, and technology instructors, which presumably accounts for the 16% difference.

Stay tuned for the data by Richmond school.  I also have an inquiry pending to see whether VDOE has more detailed data on this subject.