Chronic Absence by Division

From a further dive into the Feds’ “Civil Rights Data Collection,” here is the distribution of Chronic Absence rates (fifteen or more school days, whether excused or not) by division.



Richmond is the yellow bar at 22%.  The red bars, from the left, are the peer jurisdictions Newport News, Norfolk, and Hampton.  Hampton is off scale on this graph at 68%(!); no telling whether that datum is in error.

Here are the data:

image image

I left out six divisions because their numbers looked to be erroneously low.  Here they are FWIW:


The Feds also included two Governor’s Schools:


And we have the (believable) attendance leader:


These federal data do not compare directly to the State’s attendance numbers.  The federal chronic data count absences of fifteen days or more; 50 days of absence count exactly the same as fifteen.  The state, in contrast, counts average attendance. 

Converting the state data to absence rates, we obtain this distribution:


Richmond again is the yellow bar; the red bars from the left are Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk.  Whatever be the incongruities between the two datasets, it’s clear that the Hampton datum is wrong in one.

More to the point, Richmond’s attendance is lousy by both measures and the State Board of “Education,” which is charged with the duty and authority “to see that the [mandatory attendance laws] are properly enforced throughout the Commonwealth,” does not even collect useful truancy data.  Rather than dealing with the manifest problem, it looks like the Board will adopt a feckless, unlawful, belated regulation on June 23.