Reedy Creek: If It Ain’t Broke, Spend Tax Money to Fix It

We have seen that the City plans to spend $1.27 million to control phosphorus and sediment in Reedy Creek that already are being controlled by the sediment traps at Forest Hill Park Lake.

The Reedy Creek Coalition has some stream monitoring data that show another side of this boondoggle.  The monitoring points are here:


Let’s rename those stations to something more descriptive: RC4 = Headwaters; RC3 = Upstream (of the project area); CB1 = Trib (as it enters the project area); RC1 = Downstream (of the project area).  With those labels here are the dissolved oxygen data:


The water quality standard for dissolved oxygen in this stream is 5.0 parts per million as a daily average.  That does not translate to a percentage unless we know the temperature.  The percentage data nonetheless tell us that the lowest dissolved oxygen levels are found in the headwaters and that the concentration improves as the water flows through the project area.

The DEQ monitoring has placed the upstream reaches of Reedy Creek on the 305(b) list of impaired waters for dissolved oxygen and pH violations [at 453-4].

So there you have it: The impaired waters are upstream.  Rather than fix the problem at the upstream source, the City is spending $1.27 million on the part of the stream that is helping to correct the impairment.  Their justification is that the project will remove pollutants that already are being removed at Forest Hill Park Lake. 

Your tax dollars at “work.”