Still More of What VEA Wants to Hide

The SGP data that Brian Davison sued out of the State Department of Data Suppression last year showed (e.g., here and here) that we have some truly awful teachers in Virginia.  The lawsuit threatened by the Virginia “Education” Association demonstrates that it is more interested in protecting those bad teachers than in the effect of those teachers on Virginia’s schoolchildren.  And the VDOE’s own document, confirmed by the available data, admits that the teacher evaluation process has been worse than ineffective.

I’ve turned to the math data to provide some details.

A list of the very worst three-year teacher average math SGPs offers some Good News and some very Bad News. 

  • The Bad: Some truly awful teachers have been inflicted on Virginia’s schoolchildren, sometimes more than once. 
  • The Good: Most of those teachers from 2012 and 2013 were not there the following year.

Here are the worst 43 three-year math SGP averages by teacher, sorted by increasing average.


The “Row Labels” column contains the (anonymized) teacher IDs.  The “Grand Total” column is the three-year average SGP for each teacher.  The “Grand Total” row is the statewide average for each year and for the teacher averages.

We can’t tell from these data whether any of the teachers with only 2014 results stayed on to harm schoolchildren in 2015.  The yellow highlights identify the two teachers who came back after a failure to teach in an earlier year.

The red highlight indicates the teacher with the lowest average SGP among those who “taught” all three years.

Turning the cases where the school division was so evil (or so intimidated by the VEA) that it subjected its students to more than two years’ exposure to the same awful teaching, here are the Top Ten, sorted by increasing three-year average:


No. 90763 is an outlier here: The three year average of 17.1 comes from yearly averages of 71.0, 68.0, and 15.6.  The “.0s” are clues: This teacher likely had only one reported SGP for each of the first two years and a much larger class in 2014.  Indeed, the database shows 72 math SGPs in 2014.  If we add the 15.625 average that year times 72 to the 71 and 68, and divide by 74 we get 17.08, the three year average for this teacher.

That said, no telling what else unusual was going on there.

Turning to the other nine cases, we see:


Or, upon expanding the ordinate:


Only two of the nine showed improvement over the three-year period.  No. 88959 went from a 9.6 to a 28.3, which is still more than twenty percentiles below average.  No. 114261 improved, but only to 17.6.  We have no data regarding the guinea pigs students who were damaged in these experiments.

The other seven “teachers” all showed deteriorated performance over the period.  Note especially No. 54317, who went from bad to appalling (and was paid tax dollars to continue afflicting Chesterfield County schoolchildren).

There are as many as nine principals (depending on time frame in the job and whether it was one or two schools in Chesterfield) who should have been fired over these disasters.  I’ll bet you a #2 lead pencil they all got raises.

(And, for those of us in Richmond who look to the schools in the Counties as the Elysian Fields when compared to the barren wasteland of Richmond Public Schools, the presence of one Henrico and two Chesterfield teachers in this list comes as a shock.)

But, the Virginia “Education” Association and the State Department of Data Suppression don’t want you to know about this, especially if your kid is suffering under such an awful “teacher” and such a pusillanimous school system.

Your tax dollars at “work.”