The Insecure Defending the Unspeakable

It looks like I’m being sued.

Yesterday I received by email a “Petition for Injunction” for VEA and others against VDOE, Brian Davison, and me.  The Petition asks the Richmond Circuit Court to enjoin VDOE from releasing SGP and related data and to prohibit Brian and me from using such data.

Well, as to the name of the court I’m being unduly kind: The Petition is addressed to “The Circuit Court for the City of Richmond” (emphasis supplied).  There is no such court.  By statute, our circuit court is “The Circuit Court of the City of Richmond” (emphasis supplied again).  So, the Petition, if it is genuine, demonstrates at the top of the first page the ignorance of the VEA’s lawyer.

The body of the Petition, entirely aside from any legal merit (actually, lack thereof), illuminates the unfortunate truth that VEA is more interested in protecting incompetent teachers than in furthering the educations of Virginia’s schoolchildren.

Then, at the bottom, the Petition carries a signature block that begins:

Dena Rosenkrantz, Esquire (VSB#28667)
Legal Services Director

Of course, “Esquire” is a courtesy title, mostly applied to lawyers.  So we have Ms. Rosenkrantz stroking herself with a courtesy title.  As well, the “Esquire” is redundant: The Virginia State Bar number, required by Supreme Court Rule 1:4(l), tells us she is a lawyer.

It’s hard to imagine a lawyer with an ego so shrunken that she feels a need to be courteous to herself and to tell us she is a lawyer lawyer.  But it seems the VEA has found one.

Indeed, it looks like there’s an epidemic of insecurity over there.  The signature block of the purported law clerk who sent the email starts: “Catherine A. Lee, JD.” Really!  A law clerk who feels the need to tell us she has a law degree.  Remarkably, she didn’t attach a law school transcript to show how smart she is or a picture to show how pretty.

Let’s hope this Petition is not a prank and that it will be filed at the courthouse and served on Brian and me.  Dealing with a lawyer at that level of ignorance and with that defect of ego, who is attempting to keep Virginia’s parents from knowing whether their kid is being damaged by an incompetent teacher, should be good fun.

Moreover, VDOE’s lawyer is a competent and affable fellow.  To the extent he is on Brian’s and my side, or even to the extent he isn’t, those qualities will enhance the enjoyment.


P.S.: I have created a new email account for this litigation:  If you know where and what the Richmond plaintiff, Bradley Mock, teaches or whether he is the same “Bradley Mock” who studied “Hip Hop Culture” at VCU, please do use it to send me an email.