More Money Down the RPS Rathole?

We dropped our subscription to the Richmond Times-Dispatch some time ago: The paper kept getting smaller and the local coverage more curtailed. 

Even so, the (excellent!) VPAP newsfeed discloses an ongoing kerfuffle over whether the Richmond Public Schools shall have more money.

Despite the recognition that the awful condition of some school buildings reflects inadequate maintenance, i.e., deliberate waste, there‚Äôs no talk of assuring that the new buildings will be properly maintained. 

Indeed, the money discussion has avoided the central problem: RPS is wasting money wholesale.

  • They spent an inordinate sum to paint handicap parking spaces and even more money to design them.
  • The violated Virginia law to give a $291,080 elevator design contract to a favored engineering firm.
  • It seems that every operation the City Auditor touches at RPS turns out to be wasting money (bottom of the page).
  • My own estimate suggests the something like $50 million per year is disappearing into the RPS budget with no discernable result.

Seems to me that the City should demand independent oversight of RPS spending before it even considers budgeting more money for the system.