More Data that VDOE Suppresses

Brian Davison points me to the Arkansas Web site that reports, inter alia, grade inflation:

As required by Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-15-421, the Division of Public School Accountability in the Arkansas Department of Education provides
this report of the percentage of students receiving a grade of “B” or above in the corresponding course who did not pass the end of course assessment on the first attempt.  The report also includes the name, address, and superintendent of any high school in which more than twenty percent (20%) of the students received a letter grade of “B” or above, but did not pass the end-of-course assessment on the first attempt.

Indeed, the schools with more than 20% are highlighted in yellow. 

Near the top of the list, we see Badger Academy, where 100% of the students received A or B grades but none passed the End of Course test on the first try.  Perhaps Badger Academy is a special purpose school, such as the Ark. School for the Deaf (90%), but then we have Decatur High School (50%), Clinton High School (66.7%), and  Siatech Little Rock Charter (83.3%). 

In contrast, you can search the VDOE Web site for “grade inflation” and find only one paper that speaks of grade inflation in teacher evaluations and one on the same subject in principal evaluations.  Nothing at all about inflated student grades.

But, then, you wouldn’t really expect the State Department of Superintendent Protection and Data Suppression to report anything so useful.