No SATisfaction

VDOE has posted the 2015 Virginia average SAT scores.  As of today (9/11/15), RPS has not. 

While I was looking for scores, I found a list of SAT scores for State universities in Virginia.  The site does not date those.  Given that the scores do not change a lot from year to year, I thought it might be interesting to juxtapose the university data with the 2014 Richmond scores.

Here, then, are the 25th and 75th percentile reading scores of students entering our public universities, along with the state and Richmond averages for college-bound students as reported by RPS:


Notice that this is an apples-and-oranges comparison.  That said, the state average for college-bound students is close to the 25th percentile scores of entering students at Mason, VMI, and Christopher Newport.  The Richmond average is fifty points below the 25th percentile at Longwood.

And here are the math scores: