The Board of Education just posted its list of 2017 Index of Performance Awards (based on 2016 data).

(They released the 2016 SOL data on August 16, 2016 and they had the numbers before then.  We might wonder why it took a year to figure out where to send the awards.)

The 145 schools receiving “Excellence” awards included Richmond’s Carver and Munford elementary schools and Open High.

Open aced the math SOLs last year and got a 97% pass rate on reading.  The average of the five subjects pass rates was 98.7%.  Sounds like “excellence” to me.

Munford has a rep in Richmond and Carver has shone under its new principal.  I thought I’d dig around in their numbers.

Among elementary schools, Carver was eighth in the state in reading in ‘16 with a 97.5% pass rate (average of the pass rates for the three grades tested).  Munford was in 103d place at 91.3%.  In math, Carver was 27th at 95.2%; Munford was 145th at 91.2%.

Those Carver numbers look really fine, especially when we expand the focus to include all the Richmond elementary schools (2016 pass rates; average of the averages for the three grades):



Both schools showed the effects of the new math tests in 2012 and the new reading tests in 2013, Carver more so.  Both schools have since recovered, Carver to exceptional levels.





These data raise two questions:

  • What is Carver doing that Blackwell and Chimborazo and Swansboro and Woodville and too many other Richmond schools are not doing; and
  • Why are we looking all over for a new Superintendent when Carver is so close?

Kudos to the VaCU

I’ve been a customer at the Virginia Credit Union for some time, especially for the period awhile back when their CD rates were competitive.

From time to time they offer free document shredding at their Boulders location.  We’ve been frustrated there in the past when the line of cars reached out onto Jahnke Rd.

Disdaining the lessons of the past, we drove there about 08:40 this morning, expecting to wait in line until the 09:00 opening.  We were surprised to find them open early, with two lines and four shredding trucks.  We left our bag of old documents and were gone in a few moments.  Indeed, when we drove past an hour or so later there still was no line visible from Boulders Pkwy.

All Glory to the VaCU, especially to the person there who decided to improve this helpful public service.

Now, if they’ll just bump their 60 month CD rate to match, or even come a bit closer to matching, their online competitors . . .