RPS: Still Not Learning from Experience?

A reader (the reader?) sends along an interesting comment.

Note: Please resist the temptation to judge the writer from the capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.  He is superbly educated and closer to brilliant than to bright.  The format, methinks, is more a reflection on the effect of cell phones than anything about the writer.

hi guys,

i’ve been reading the news articles regarding the superintendent
search. here’s one:

i assume he got rid of bedden because he was, objectively, a failure:
for instance, the number of fully accredited schools dropped under his
watch (people kept talking about his plan and that it takes a while to
turn a big ship – but what *was* the plan, what did turning the ship
entail, does anyone know?!?!?)

but, if you want someone who will actually turn things around,
shouldn’t you look for someone who *has* turned things around
elsewhere. (isn’t this how larry brown kept getting hired to new NBA
coaching positions?). the talk is all about non-bottom-line stuff:
transparency, communication, etc.

here’s what should be the main question: what does the new person
*know* about turning around districts with similar socioeconomics, and
what record does the person have? the current search, as i’m reading
it, is destined to perpetuate richmond’s school’s cycle of failure.

going back in time you can read about new superindendents, good
intentions, new plans, hope – and then failure – why does the cycle
keep repeating itself? i’ve predicted that cycle will continue for as
long as i’m in richmond. does it have to? is this a failure of