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Note added 5/18:  On May 15, I visited the Suntrust branch.  A helpful young fellow spent an hour talking to Suntrust and to Amazon.  Suntrust denied declining any payments.  Amazon told him I still have Prime, but could not explain how that could be since they haven’t yet been paid for it.

Keeping the reverse chronological order, here are my note to the helpful lad at Suntrust (whose name I misspelled) and the latest from Amazon:

[May 16, 2017]


Thanks for your kind help yesterday.

I got a follow up from Amazon and told them about my considerable dissatisfaction. That produced this, where they again blame SunTrust, and another note saying my Prime is cancelled at my request, albeit I made no such request.

It looks like there is something in somebody’s computer that is choking on this simple transaction. Unfortunately, neither your people nor Amazon’s seem to be able to find it, much less deal with it.

I’m going to Florida to visit with the sibs and not think about this for awhile. Thanks again for your help.


From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:29 PM
To: [me]
Subject: Your Inquiry


I’ve reviewed our previous phone call with you, and I’m very sorry about the incomplete information you received.

There are certain situations where we authorize your credit card for $1.00 to confirm your card has a valid number and hasn’t been reported lost or stolen.

As explained earlier, we don’t actually proceed with the $1.00 charge. This authorization should be removed according to the policies of your bank. Please contact your bank to clarify how long they hold authorizations for online transactions.

Upon further checking, I see that we haven’t charged for your Prime membership as the payment method was declined.

We’re unable to determine why your bank declined our attempt to charge your card. A charge can fail for many reasons, here are some things to check:

– Have you entered the credit card number correctly, without any transposed digits? [YES!  You’ve been charging it for merchandise before and after the Prime problem.]
– Have you entered the correct expiration date? Has the date expired?  [Ditto]
– Have you entered the billing address and phone number that match those associated with your credit card?  [Ditto]
– Have you exceeded your credit limit?  [No.  Ditto.]
– Has your credit card recently been reissued with a different credit card number and/or expiration date?  [No.  Ditto.]

You may want to contact your issuing bank to ask about their restrictions regarding electronic or Internet purchases.  [They called you about this.]

If you still have any concern in this regard, please feel free to contact us. We will always be happy to help you.

If you have time concern, you may also contact us via Chat.

To contact us, visit and follow the prompts.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,
Kavitha L.N



Note added 5/14:  Did he finally understand that my issue is above his job description or just decide I am too much trouble?  Looks like one or the other:

Topic: Accounts
Subject: Re: Problem with Amazon? Acct – Credit Card-[deleted]
From: Customer Support

Hi John,

I apologize for the all trouble caused to you. I do understand your concern.

Please know that through email request we are unable to process your request. I would request you to contact our SunTrust Customer Care Department at 1-800-477-9702 or Visit our local branch for further assistance.

I appreciate your patience.


Pradeep J
SunTrust Bank- Digital Client Services


Sent Message Detail
Topic: Accounts
Subject: Re: Problem with Amazon? Acct – Credit Card-[deleted]

Dear SunTrust,

I did NOT complain about an unauthorized charge. I complained because you are not honoring a legitimate charge.

Please pass this message chain to someone who understands English and has the authority to deal with the issue.

Previous Message:

Hi John,

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for notifying us about the unauthorized transaction(s). We will need to create a claim for this issue to be researched and resolved for you. To ensure this is completed as soon as possible, we will need additional information and request that you contact our Fraud Prevention and Claims Department at 877-864-0197 at your earliest convenience. Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are traveling internationally, you may contact us via our international toll free phone number at 800-STTRAVEL(800-7887-2835) or our collect call number at 407-762-5777.

It was a pleasure assisting you!
Pradeep J
SunTrust Bank- Digital Client Services
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–Original Message–
Date: 5/11/2017 11:21:00 AM
Subject: Re: Problem with Amazon? Acct – [deleted]
Dear Folks,

I just wrote you about the problem with Amazon and received a prompt reply (see below) that did not address the issue.

As you can see from the attachment, on May 5, Amazon charged my SunTrust credit card $29.99 (for a clock radio) and $1 toward a $99 Prime membership. They tried the $1 charge again the next day.

The $29.99 charge cleared and the merchandise has arrived, as usual. The $1 charges have disappeared and there still is no $99 charge. This foolishness has been going on since LAST DECEMBER and I have been quite unable to find out from SunTrust why it is they honor Amazon’s charges for merchandise (without a hitch, thank you) but are unable to honor a simple charge for $99.

Please pass this inquiry up the line to somebody who actually can deal with it instead of putting me off, yet again.


Previous Message:

Hi John,
I will be happy to assist you today.

I have reviewed your credit card ending in [xxxx] and see that amazon charged $29.99 ON 5/07/17. And also please know that $1.00 was adjusted to your account on 05/06/17. Please know that $20.76 was charged from amazon on 05/01/17.

If you still face any issues. I kindly request you to contact our SunTrust Customer Care department at 800-477-9702 for further assistance.

It was a pleasure assisting you.
Pradeep J
SunTrust Bank- Digital Client Services
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–Original Message–
Date: 5/10/2017 8:10:29 PM
Subject: Problem with Amazon? Acct – Credit Card-[deleted]
Amazon posted two transactions on the credit card on May 5: $29.99 for a clock and $1 toward a Prime membership. The clock charge cleared on May 7; the $1 still is hanging fire. I have had an ongoing problem with Amazon being unable to charge for Prime on this card (going back to last December!) Please fix this and send them the $99.