Lies, Damn Lies, and SOL Scores

Both VODE VDOE [blush] and the Governor are out with press releases bragging on the “significant progress” (or significant improvement) in SOL pass rates.  To their credit, both then acknowledge that the five point increases in the reading and math pass rates come in the face of four point score boosts from the newly installed retakes.

VDOE has not released data that would let us examine the retake boost in any detail.  Using their four-point number, the “significant progress,” 4.6% in reading and 5.2% in math, looks more like minimal progress: 0.6% in reading, 1.2% in math:


As Omar might (not) have written:

The moving target moves; and having moved,

Moves on:  nor all thy piety nor wit

Shall lure it back to give an honest answer

Nor all thy tears wash away the bureaucrats’ obfuscation.